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GTG Puts Fun back into Fundraising

  • Follow your favorite Sports Teams
  • Follow your favorite Charities
  • Give more than the other team's fans
  • Everybody Wins!

Try it and We'll donate the first $10.00 to favorite charity.


Support Your Favorite Teams

Show you team spirit by "getting in the game" become part of your team's "Giving Squad" and show your rivals not only who has a better team... but better fans.

Support Your Favorite Charities

Make small donations real-time to support your favorite charitable organizations. Whether its your alumni association or that local charity you support all the time. Give in smaller amount while having lots of fun.

Kick the other teams' fan's butts

Its for charity but its still all about competition. You to win just like they do. May the best fans win!


Raise More Money from Younger Donors

Getting and holding the attention of younger donors is difficult. Give them a fun way to support you.

Lower your Cost of Fundraising

Fundraising can be expensive and its hard to justify going after smaller gifts. Lower your cost of fundraising by Gamifying the Giving Process

Get More First-Time Donors

Reach those first time donors when they are excited and ready to give... In the heat of battle.... cheering on their favorite teams.

Attract More Fans to the Games

Offer your fans an awesome in-game experience, to keep them engaged and buying more tickets to the games

Raise Money for your Charitable Affiliate

Whether its your teams foundation or alumni association, your "most" ideal donors are already "right there"... Give them a fun way to support you.

Never a Dull Moment at your games

Its tough to keep "people" engaged with what's going on the field/court. Put them in the game.

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Our Story

Detrick DeBurr and Catherine Lugo, formulated the idea for Game Time Giving (GTG) February 2014, at Startup Weekend – Denton, Texas. They and 6 others worked on the idea during the 54-hour competition resulting in a 2nd place finish. In March 2015, Detrick continued the work on the idea by formally incorporating the company and accepting a seed investment from Tech Wildcatters Accelerator Program.

GTG addresses the high costs of charitable fundraising coupled with the problem of fan engagement during a sporting event. The typical non-profit organization in the US spends about $150 to bring in first time donors. The average age of those donors is 55 years old. They break even on these donors after about 2 years. We have learned the millennials (ages 25 – 35) give on average $100 to various charitable causes each year. Hence, its cost prohibitive for them to go after this donor segment. Sports organizations are having just as difficult a time keeping millennials engaged. They are turning to digital, fantasy and e-sport offerings as a last-ditch effort to hang on to the steady declining interest amongst millennials in sports. Game Time Giving aims to meet this problem at its intersection. GTG allows fans to engage each other through competition by facilitating a giving competition with the other team’s fans in pledging money to non-profit organizations.

Game Time Giving is a fan engagement platform that facilitates competitive giving during a sporting event. During the game, fans compete in pledging to a charity of their choice while their teams are battling it out on the field/court. There are really two games happening. There is the game on the field/court and the pledging game in the stands. At the end of the game, the team’s fans with the most amount pledged wins the “Game Time Giving” game. We collect all pledges from both sides and give them to the charity minus a 12% transaction fee. Our goal is to trigger as many pledges and donations as possible during a game. We use competition as an intrinsic motivator to increase the number of pledges and donations.

Detrick DeBurr - CEO

Detrick DeBurr


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